DiPole Materials and Gemstone Biotherapeutics Team Up to Accelerate Production of Filters for Medical Masks

DiPole Materials and Gemstone Bio expert staffs collaborate round-the-clock to fuel urgent nanofiber production for medical masks for healthcare workers

April 7, 2020, Baltimore, MD DiPole Materials, an electrospinning company that specializes in custom nanofiber manufacturing, is teaming up with Gemstone Biotherapeutics, a biotech company developing novel, bioengineered products for scar-free skin regeneration, to rapidly accelerate production of filters to meet emergency demand for medical masks.

 DiPole Materials’ and Gemstone Bio’s teams are collaborating to manufacture cuts of continuous roll-to-roll production of nanofiber filters. This material then gets cut into small, mouth-sized squares which are then mounted into medical masks. Gemstone Bio’s expert team brings its practical knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practices and wet lab skills to help ensure and maintain manufacturing quality controls.

 “Our team is eager to contribute to the production of materials needed now for rapidly scaled medical mask manufacturing,” said Emily English, PhD, CEO of Gemstone Bio. “Partnering with DiPole Materials is seamless and demonstrates the depth of Baltimore’s biotech and advanced materials’ prowess. As a team, we embraced the opportunity to help our region and the nation during the crisis.”

 DiPole Materials’ nanofiber filters are the type used in N95 respirators, which provide high end protection for critical medical needs. The combined teams are working with cut and sew shops, makers spaces and engineering companies in Maryland to integrate newly produced filters into their masks to increase the protection provided to healthcare workers and first responders.

 “We couldn’t ask for better partners with Emily and the Gemstone Bio team,” said Ken Malone, Chairman of DiPole Materials. “Time is of the essence in this crisis. With Gemstone Bio and our other Baltimore partners, we’re able to ramp up mask filter production and speed manufacturing to get masks in the hands of medical professionals.”

 About Gemstone Biotherapeutics:

Gemstone Biotherapeutics is a Baltimore-based, biotech company developing innovative, evidence-based products for scar-free skin regeneration. Gemstone’s products have been bioengineered to target the healing cascade that stimulates rapid skin regeneration to restore healthy, stretchy, scar-free skin. The Company’s platform technology has the potential to transform the dermatology market with high-impact, functional and aesthetic benefits for patients and cost savings for the health care industry. Learn more:

About DiPole Materials:

Dipole Materials is an electrospinning company, based in Baltimore, MD, that specializes in custom nanofiber manufacturing to meet a range of industry applications, including cell culture, tissue engineering, water filtration, technical textiles like piezoelectric yarns, catalysis and more. DiPole Materials’ off-the-shelf product suite includes patented BioPaper technology that serves as a 3D nanofiber-based cell scaffold for 3D cell culture and bioprinting. Learn more:

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DiPole Materials

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