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One of the most widely studied areas of electrospinning is its use in creating scaffolds for cell culture and tissue engineering. While there is a wealth of scientific publications and much reason to believe that nanofibers are key to tissue engineering, the use of electrospun nanofibers in commercial applications have to date been limited. One component limiting the larger adoption of these applications is the availability of GMP manufacturing capacity and an understanding of how to scale-up laboratory procedures for commercial production. That is why we are committed to custom manufacturing of electrospun fibers.

I co-founded a company for harvesting multipotent progenitor cells from tonsillar biopsies

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Always looking for great new uses of electrospinning, I found the technology at the Naval Research Laboratories that is now an integral part of our BioPaper product line

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I found the solution to a scale-up problem for our BioPaper products by working with Dr. Slaughter at the University of Maryland

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